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Into the Darkness

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In my session today in The Secret World I planned to do a few missions in the northwest area of Kingsmouth, which is a bit how it started. But that all changed during a visit to the sheriff’s office. I got a call from my faction, Dragon, who said I should head to New York.

Curious was this was about I headed to New York – and played one of best missions I have played so far. From talking with a fellow player it seems that at least Templars get a mission with the same name (Into Darkness), but plays out quite differently from the Dragon one. Since posting any more details or pictures from the mission could be spoiling things I just simply post a screenshot from Agartha instead, not far from New York/London/Seoul entrances. If it continues like this might buy that lifetime subscription after all.

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Condition 17 and walking junk

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I have played a bit more in The Secret World now, primarily with my Sente character. I am getting to the point where I have done most of the missions I tried out in the beta weekends, plus a couple of missions that I have never done before. So far it has been a blast!

One type of mission that I did not complete any in the beta weekends were the investigation missions – I started on some, but did not complete them. This was primarily to get a feel for what they were all about. But today I completed one of these, which was Something Wicked. This was a really fun mission I thought – each step took a bit of guessing and thinking and some searching for clues and ideas in wrong areas. But eventually I solved it and that was quite a good feeling, much more satisfying than one typically get from a more conventional MMO mission.

Various junk in the Kingsmouth scrapyard tend to come alive and attack you

As I mentioned previously I went with Chaos magic and Fist Weapons as my first two weapon choices. This is working out quite well I think. For the builder skills I use two from Chaos Magic, plus 3 finishers – two Chaos and one Fist. One of the Chaos finishers is for low health enemies, when it deals extra damage. The remaining two active powers currently adds increased evasion and an elite ability to disable any actions from the enemy for a few seconds.

So far I have unlocked almost all of the tier 1 skills for both Chaos and Fist Weapon. I am thinking that I might venture a bit into Blood Magic also, to try to make a bit more heal and support build to complement the current one.

I do actually enjoy the combat Рone needs to be fairly mobile and it is fun to play around a bit with different ability options. I had one attempt at a PvP fight at Stonehenge also, which was 3 teams with 5 players in each team. It was an interesting experience and shows that coordinated team will likely beat the crap of any PUG setup. In this case it was the Illuminati side which seemed to have a group of players with complementing roles and abilities and that moved around as a single team. Dragon and Templar side in this instance were probably both PUGs groups, given the set-up of each team and a bit less coordinated movements.  At some point I might try that more, but then probably with a pre-made team.

So far it has been quite fun. Will probably play a bit more in Kingsmouth and have a go at the first team instance (Polaris) in the coming week and then perhaps continue to next area. There is still a bunch of things to do in Kingsmouth which I know about, plus probably a number of them I have not discovered yet. But something should be left for my other character also to pick up.

Evil stuff in northern Kingsmouth.

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