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Dead in the water and Hell’s angels

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Last night I picked up the mission Dead in the water from the Orochi Group scientists in Kingsmouth (Blake and Radcliffe). This is the mission for the first 5-man instance in the game, also known as the Polaris instance. Together with a couple of fellow cabalists we jumped into the instance; for four of us it was the first time in that instance.

It was quite a fun run, which I enjoyed very much. The instance itself was quite to the point and not long-running in time. My guess is that we spent somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes there. I did not check the time, neither at start nor at the end, so I could be totally off here. But the content itself was rather focused – not much trash mob killing at all. There was mainly a few learning steps with some initial mobs, things that would be repeated later with some boss fights. Most of the enemies were similar to some of the enemies encountered along the coast in Kingsmouth, but still different. There were also some other additions.

Heading towards the Polaris wreck

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