Mission Architect story arcs

My story arcs

This is a quick summary of my story arcs, with name, arc ID, mission count and level ranges. For more details, see further down on the page.

  • The Siren Supremes
    Arc id 1143, 3 missions, levels 30-40
  • The Missing Geneticist
    Arc id 2542, 4 missions, levels 12-19
  • Elemental Jones
    Arc ID 263512, 3 missions, levels 30+
  • The Soul Hunter
    Arc ID 294431, 5 missions, levels 35+
  • Heart of Steel
    Arc ID 407104, 4 missions, levels 25-35
  • Project Serpens
    Arc ID 434082, 4 missions, levels 30+

The Siren Supremes

Arc ID:  1143

Mission level ranges: Mission 1 (30-40), Mission 2 (30-40), Mission 3 (30-40)

Description: What happens when the music go bump in the night? Help sort out the worries of freaky father Frank Smasher and deal with The Siren Supremes

Morality: Neutral

Keywords: Comedy, Solo friendly

Status: Final

Notes: This is my first story arc for City of Heroes/Villains, intended to be a bit humorous story. The first two missions should play ok for most levels. The last mission will be more difficult – possible to solo, but probably level 25-30+ at least in that case. The arc will likely take about 30-45 minutes to play through.

The Siren Supremes story arc

The Siren Supremes story arc

The Missing Geneticist

Arc ID:  2542

Mission level ranges: Mission 1 (12-19), Mission 2 (12-19), Mission 3 (12-19), Mission 4 (12-19)

Description: Isaac from Pocket D wants you to protect his sister from being hurt. What initially seemed like a simple bodyguard task evolves into something deeper and more disturbing…

Morality: Neutral

Keywords: Solo friendly

Status: Final

Notes: This is my second story arc for City of Heroes/Villains. It is primarily aimed for levels 10-19. It can be played by lower levels, but the enemies encountered are not the easiest ones at these levels. The story itself is a bit darker than my first story arc. It is also longer, will probably take about one hour or a bit more to complete.

The Missing Geneticist story arc

The Missing Geneticist story arc

Elemental Jones

Arc ID:  263512

Mission level ranges: Mission 1 (30-54), Mission 2 (30-54), Mission 3 (30-54)

Description:   A set of ancient artifacts have gone missing from the Midnighter facilities, as well as their guardian, the archeologist Thaddeus Jones. In the wrong hands the effects of these artifacts can be devastating to the city.

Morality: Heroic

Keywords: Cool custom critters,  Solo friendly

Status: Looking for Feedback

Notes: This arc is intended as a somewhat short simple story with a few hopefully enjoyable fights. I have tried to balance it so it should not feel trivial but without being too hard.

Elemental Jones story arc

Elemental Jones story arc

The Soul Hunter

Arc ID:  294431

Mission level ranges: Mission 1 (35-54), Mission 2 (35-54), Mission 3 (35-54), Mission 4 (35-54), Mission 5 (35-54)

Description: An initially simple case to sort out the trouble caused by some rebellious hot-heads turns into a devious case where the human souls may be at stake.

Morality: Rogue

Keywords: Custom Characters, Solo friendly, Save the world

Status: Looking for Feedback

Notes: A somewhat long story arc, which hopefully should provide an interesting story to follow. The contact is Crash Cage, which may be familiar to villains who have done her arcs in Sharkhead. There are references and story elements that ties in with those parts; this arc is pretty much intended as an independent story, but which do happen after the regular Crash Cage arcs in time.

This is a partial rewrite of my old arc The Soul Harvest. Changes in both mobs, story text, objectives and maps, but the main story framework is still the same. Issue 15 brought some welcome options to change the mobs to fit the story better, by allowing colour and name changes of standard mobs also – very nice. Some objective had slight changes in behaviour also (e.g. what happens if an ally dies) which required me to change the play a bit also.

The Soul Hunter story arc

The Soul Hunter story arc

Heart of Steel

Arc ID: 407104

Mission level ranges: Mission 1 (25-35), Mission 2 (25-35), Mission 3 (25-35), Mission 4 (25-35)

Description: A strange robot attack at a Paragon night club causes the Paragon Vice Squad to ask you to help solve the mystery. Who or what is behind this attack?

Morality: Heroic

Keywords: Drama, Mystery, Romantic

Status: Looking for Feedback

Notes: This is a rewrite of an old story arc of mine, but now adopted to a lower level range and also changed morality – from villainous to heroic. It has taken advantage of the larger size story arcs can have now and also used changed some maps. Playing through the arc would likely take 40-60 minutes.

Stopping robot attacks at fashion show

Project Serpens

Arc ID: 434082

Mission level ranges: Mission 1 (30-54), Mission 2 (30-52), Mission 3 (30-54), Mission 4 (30-52)

Description: It all starts as a regular smash&grab raid, stealing some stolen goods and it evolves to a more sinister and lucrative project uncovering an ancient evil.

Morality: Villainous

Keywords: Drama, Canon-related

Status: Looking for Feedback

Notes: This is my first arc where the main villain is an already existing one in the game; in previous arcs I have done they have typically been made up characters even if the main villain group have been more or less standard. The big bad guy is also an arch-villain. This one has also been written with the intention that the player is a major bad guy also – not just running some errands for another bad guy. So it is done from the perspective that the player character makes most of the decisions.

Project Serpens story arc

  1. May 6, 2009 at 06:15

    Just played through the missing geneticist. Enjoyed it thoroughly. 5 stars.

    It irks me that you can’t submit any more arcs (and thus nothing I can play through until much higher level). It seems to me that there should be some way to achieve “trusted author” status, and be able to submit as many arcs as you like. You are adding content yo their game for free after all.

  2. May 6, 2009 at 17:04

    Thank you 🙂

    The only “trusted author” type of optiosn today are either Hall of Fame or Developer’s Choice. Last I checked, only one arc had reached Hall of Fame status. The Developer’s Choice ones are a bit of varying quality – some quite good, some maybe ok.

    And becoming a Developer’s Choice is mainly a matter of luck with the amount of story arcs today, at least if you have done a reasonably good arc.

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