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It is alive

December 15, 2013

I have not been writing muc at all in the past few months – this is primarily because I have mostly been doing Other Stuff – not playing a lot of MMOs. Firefall has received most of my attention, but even that game has been limited to perhaps a few hours per week at most.

So while I do not have a complete break from MMOs, my attention in this area is somewhat low at the moment. Thus I have not found much interesting to publish from my side in the MMO space.

I am quite eager to blog and post though – just not so much about MMOs currently. So I have been contemplating to start new blogs for new topics, or write more about other topics in this blog. In the end it will probably be a mix of both – a few more leisure and free time-oriented topics here in this blog. There may be another blog also more around software development and operations topics also – suff that I also happen to do at work.

A post should have some pictures also, so I have added a few pictures from a recent hiking trip to Gran Canaria, near the village of Tejeda – a topic that may get some more coverage later.

This was also a test to use Windows Live Writer to write the blog post. Not convinced yet that I will use i regularly, but that remains to be seen.

Tejeda_village1   Sheep_in_mountains1


Artenara1   Tejde1

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