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Champions Online and social networks

August 22, 2009

Champions Online has added a set of social media settings to the game.  Essentially these settings allows certain in-game events or commands to be published to a social networking site.

Currently the game supports Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal and Raptr.

Social media settings

Social media settings

I set it up to publish status, leveling (reports every 5 levels only) and perks on Twitter for a test, which seem to work fine. It did not seem to connect properly with Raptr when I tried it and I do not have accounts on the other two. The settings are done per character.

Here is the quote from developer Coderanger on this feature:

A new feature for you guys to play with, social media integration.

To start using this system, enter /socialmedia. From this screen you can control the operation of the social media tools. Use the settings button to enroll (or un-enroll) from each service. By default, all available activity types for each service are enabled once enrolled. Uncheck any of the boxes to disable that activity type for that service.

The Status activity type is initiated by the command “/social_status Your status here”. The plan is for this to be integrated into the status box in the chat context menu, but for now the command will work.

The Screenshot activity type is initiated by the commands “/social_screenshot <optional title here>” and “/social_screenshot_ui <optional title here>”.

The Blog activity type is initiated ‘/social_blog “Title” “Body”‘.

The Level Up activity type is initiated on natural level ups (meaning those from normal XP gains, not sidekicking). For Twitter and Facebook it will post items every 5 levels. For Raptr awards will be posted for every level.

The Perk activity type is initiated by completing a rank 3 or 4 perk (those worth more then 25 points).

The Item activity type is initiated by receiving a purple item.

The Supergroup activity type is initiated by creating, joining, or leaving a supergroup (including being kicked). The posted message with include the character and supergroup name.

If you guys find any problems with it, or have suggestions for things you would like to see added please let us know.

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  1. August 23, 2009 at 03:39

    *clap* Neat toy.

  2. August 25, 2009 at 16:36

    The twitter thing drove me nuts at first because I, like many others, turned it on to try at it one point in the beta, long before it was actually working. Then it started working one night with 0 warning, and spammed my twitter friends to death :P.

    I’m going to set up a separate twitter account for the game to spam it’s little heart out too, just because I can. There is no good reason to do it…but dammit I’m going to do it.

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