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Inventory management challenges

July 7, 2012 4 comments

Inventory in The Secret World has some nice features, but is still missing some useful features, especially when it comes to different managing builds. But even with current shortcomings it is good to use what is there today for a bit better organisation.

The inventory view in The Secret World has a nice features which allows you to create your own custom bag areas. Just add another bag and one can then re-size to a suitable size and shape, put some useful name on it and then place at a good spot on the screen. In addition, if one locks the bag it will be open permanently, even if the inventory itself is closed. Any bag that is not locked, will open and close at the same time as the main inventory – it is not possible to open and close them individually.

Personally I have organised my inventory space with a few different bags:

  • One locked bag at bottom of screen which I use for consumables
  • One bag for my gear – talismans and weapons. I have 3 columns with 7 slots for space for all 7 talismans of the three different categories (protection/tanking, healing and attack/damage). Two extra columns are included for weapons (probably more than needed)
  • One bag for the four types of crafting material to make – water, dust, fire and metal. One column for each grade/quality – one for base, one for imperfect and one for normal currently. Each row has the same type of material.
  • One bag for all the different runes to make glyphs from. Similar organisation as the crafting material above, although columns and rows have switched roles – fits better with the screen layout
  • One bag for actual glyphs
  • One bag for various toolkits
  • The main inventory window for the rest, whatever that may be

Currently my screen looks a bit like this with inventory open:

My current inventory structure

The bag windows have been distributed so that I can open the character view including gear manager and also open crafting view and still see everything, after putting crafting view in a batter spot.

Unfortunately there are a few shortcomings and not everything works as well as one could hope. Using a locked bag for consumables is not quite as good as a proper hotbar – it is not enough with a single left-click to use a resource. It could be improved here, since the intention with the lock feature was to create extra hotbar(s) for inventory resources.

Also the current Gear Manager becomes a bit cumbersome to use, since it is rather dumb and it messes up the inventory organisation. Every time you change a build, you end up doing some manual swapping and moving around of weapons and talismans. Everything that is swapped out when a new build is loaded ends up in the main inventory view.

Still, it works better than no organisation at all of the inventory content and you have a fair amount of freedom to organize contents the way you want it. It just needs a bit more polish to work great.

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Funcom gives TSW buddy keys to current players

July 7, 2012 1 comment

Funcom has announced that they are giving out buddy keys to all current players (who have registered their game keys). The offer is valid until Sunday July15th and it seems the buddy key itself is valid for 24 real-time hours from the moment of the first login.

24 real-time hours is not so much, but at least it does not start when downloading and installing the game.  I assume they are going to send an email to existing players about this; the announcement did not say exactly how players would get the key to give away.

Update: The buddy key is available through the account page, there is an “Invite a buddy!” link under the Recruitment headline.

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