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Things I did not do this weekend

February 20, 2011 Comments off

This Sunday I decided to write few short notes about things I do not do, instead of writing about the MMO gaming I did (that is saved for another post). So on to a list of things I did not do..

No Fir Bolg were hurt this weekend, honestly!

Play Wurm Online

I like the sandbox approach of Wurm, I really do. But I realized it will take me ages to accomplish things I want to do, plus for some tasks I would need somewhat long game sessions. This would mean sacrificing more play time in the other MMOs also and I am already stretching my time. So Wurm will have to go on hold for a while.

Play Istaria

I actually downloaded the game client and set up an account, while doing some other things on the computer – but no time yet to play the actual game. Will see if there will be time another weekend.

Avoid Earthrise

I actually logged in and tried to play, for a short bit. Masthead had a server maintenance break on February 17th that was said to last for about 8 hours. I logged in afterward that to see if I noticed any difference. I saw fewer people and same performance issues as before. Since I had logged off a bit out in the wilderness I had to fight my way back to some inhabited area, was not a fast process. I was attecked by another player though a bit closer to the northern camp, so I decided to just let him kill me – I was tired of struggling through mobs with horribly unresponsive controls. Resurrected in camp and logged off. Will wait until they actually provide some patch or anything else that will improve the game – there has been no updates so far since the release.

Read blog posts about Rift and World of Warcraft

I typically avoid pure World of Warcraft blog posts; be it people who are positive or negative about the game – I am not interested in either. Rift is also a game that I have started to avoid blog posts about. I am sure there are lots of intersting things to say about the game prior to its release. Personally I am more interested in seeing what the discussion will be some months/weeks after release – then I might start to look at posts again.

Complete Demonflame adventure pack

I started to play the Demonflame adventure pack in Champions Online for the first time. I like it and will write something more about it after completion.

Use the same graphics card all weekend

My Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX+ had an identity crisis and a partial breakdown. It still displayed a picture, but was no longer recognized as an Nvidia device. After various attempts of jogging its identity back to normal I gave up and bought a new Nvidia card instead, a Geforce 560 Ti this time instead.

The Istaria surprise

February 16, 2011 3 comments

I browse through the RSS feed from Massively somewhat regularly and I was a bit surprised when I saw this entry, Istaria’s February patch brings a big batch of fixes. Surprised, because I realized this was the old game Horizons, a game I had no idea that it was still alive and kicking!

I had a brief period when I played Horizons; I think it was close after it launched; it was winter and it may have been the 2003/2004 winter, but my memory is a bit fuzzy here (old age and everything…;))

The game was pretty much killed for me then by their IP address restrictions – as a Swede I was not able to play with my MMO friends then, which were pretty much all of them in the US back then. So my visit in the game was quite short (some of us joined up in other games later).

Looking at how they describe the game Istaria today, it definitely sounds like something I would consider playing:

  • Open skill development
  • Cooperative play encouraged
  • Exploration encouraged
  • Most things are/can be crafted, housing and other things can be built.
  • Short game sessions very much viable

The game has a “free beer” option today, but it seems that it you are going to be a full-fledged customer, you will need to pay a subscription it seems. That is a bit of a disappointment, but it will still be put on my to-do list for games to try out. Not sure exactly when there will be time for that, but it is on my radar now anyway.


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