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July 31, 2013

I thought I would make a post with some of the music scores from Firefall. I like the sound effects and music scores in general and some are really nice to listen to.

Below are a couple of samples collected through YouTube postings that people have made. Thanks to Mulgorify, Arzaker and Emabulator for their posts. Most of these come from Arzaker, who seems to have recorded a bunch of these. And also of course thanks to composer Michael Bross and sound designer Boon Sim for making the scores!

To start this post, let’s go to the login screen. This piece below may be one of the better login screen scores I have listened to, I think it is amazing.

The music that is played at login varies and a few different tunes may be played, here is another of those scores:

When you first enter the game you will get into the tutorial in the Accord Battle Lab, which has a pretty good score also. Enjoy it while it lasts, wih only one character per account there will not be many visits here 😉

Different music scores are played depending on where in the game you are. First the battleframe garage view, which is the place to switch & upgrade battleframes, gear and abilities. Also some battleframe cosmetics (warpaints) are accessible here. Then after this there will be a few music score from different locations in the game.

The main outpost, Copacabana: (you will hear this one often)

Bay of Bones:

Cerrado Plains/Thump Dump:

This one is more a particular event that is located near Sunken Harbour – Holmgang Tech:

And last but not least, a developer diary with two of the sound guys from the Red 5 team – Michael Bross and Boon Sim:

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