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Jumping into Firefall

July 22, 2013 2 comments

Firefall is a game I did not expect to like, but I have ended up playing it more than I planned or should spend on it this past week. And I do enjoy it. It is not without its flaws, but there seems to be a solid foundation.

Currently the game is in an “open beta” stage, which is sort of true – regardless of whether one consider it a real beta test or a soft launch. An iterative development/release cycle is used, which means that there is a functional game in place now, but there are improvements and addityional features and content that will be added in reasonably frequent releases. Essentially there is no fixed “launch date” – the game will be worked on and updated regularly until the company, Red 5, decides that it is good enough to remove the beta tag.

This post contains some information and notes from playing the game during the past week.


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