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The bear from Khitai and Black Ring Citadel

July 6, 2013

My Khitan bear shaman, Senken, has now returned to Khitai. I.e. he has now reached level 80 and the draw of the home land has brought him back to the Northern Grasslands.

Leveling up a bear shaman was quite fun – same as Herald of Xotli the bear shaman does not fit unto the usual stereotype for his archetype. Bear Shamans are priests – which in most other games are considered healers. In Age of Conan, all classes are DPS classes in a way – some just have the ability to do other things as well.


Bear shamans are melee fighters that hit stuff with big blunt weapons and they can heal as well – in fact one of the heals requires the shaman to strike with his weapon to work. He is slower (lower DPS) than the Herald of Xotli, but on the other hand he can survive some fights better and longer than the “glass cannon” herald.

This was my third character to max level. Most of the leveling has been normal leveling, with an odd offline level inserted here and there. I did add a couple of offline levels towards the end in the mid-70s though. It is a good thing this system I think; one can take away some rough spots and thus can prolong the fun with playing.

Raid in Black Ring Citadel

Recently I was also in my first raid in the game – Wing 1 of the Black Ring Citadel. Some fellow guild members were in a raid when I logged on and asked if I wanted to join, since they were a bit short on people. SO I jumped in with my Herald of Xotli. It was a fun experience, the people in the raid were a nice and friendly group and it worked out rather well. I guess it is one of the easy raids and thus suited nicely as an introduction.

A nice bit of fun and certainly something I can consider to do a bit more of.


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