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Firefall music

July 31, 2013 1 comment

I thought I would make a post with some of the music scores from Firefall. I like the sound effects and music scores in general and some are really nice to listen to.

Below are a couple of samples collected through YouTube postings that people have made. Thanks to Mulgorify, Arzaker and Emabulator for their posts. Most of these come from Arzaker, who seems to have recorded a bunch of these. And also of course thanks to composer Michael Bross and sound designer Boon Sim for making the scores!

To start this post, let’s go to the login screen. This piece below may be one of the better login screen scores I have listened to, I think it is amazing.

The music that is played at login varies and a few different tunes may be played, here is another of those scores:

When you first enter the game you will get into the tutorial in the Accord Battle Lab, which has a pretty good score also. Enjoy it while it lasts, wih only one character per account there will not be many visits here 😉

Different music scores are played depending on where in the game you are. First the battleframe garage view, which is the place to switch & upgrade battleframes, gear and abilities. Also some battleframe cosmetics (warpaints) are accessible here. Then after this there will be a few music score from different locations in the game.

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The Conan letter of July

July 31, 2013 Comments off

Funcom has posted the Game Director’s letter for July for Age of Conan now (July 31st). The TL;DR version is “work is on-going, more to come later”.

There will likely be server merges for the single server tech in August. Some Unchained version of old dungeons will be released soon and the rest in the pipeline is ongoing. The general reaction in the forums are disappointment. Joel & his crew has not broken any promises or missed any deadlines – for the most part no actual time frames has been given.

But the game has pretty much only received the anniversary update and 1-2 more patch updates this year pretty much, so it is understandable that people are disappointed. The amount of updates for The Secret World seems to be higher, in comparison.

It is not surprising really – the buy-to-play model for TSW means that they have to produce new stuff and content to get any money. For Age of Conan they can rely on that enough people will have their subscriptions running to get some money anyway. From a business perspective there is less incentive to put much effort here.

If I had to make a business decision here, I would probably make a similar one, even though I do not like it as a player.

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Taking it nice and easy in New Eden

July 30, 2013 Comments off

Taking it nice and easy, Boss?

This is a comment I get from time to time my operator Aero in Firefall when I login, after she first has commented that I haven’t been around for a while. Everyone seems to have an opinion about her. She will get repetitive after  while, but so far I am ok with her.

I have been playing Firefall for a bit over two weeks now and things are still looking good I think. I like the foundation and while there are progression mechanics with XP, gear upgrades etc that simply are stuff that I don’t think so much about. Pretty much everything that is in the game today is available to you and as long you do stuff togheter with others you can participate in everything.


The sort of exception here are the melding pocket zones – Diamondhead, Antartica and Sargasso Sea. One needs to craft certain devices to get to these areas, which require a fair amount of resources, of certain types. So far I have unlocked access to Diamondhead and are not far away from unlocking the other two.

These areas, at least Diamondhead, are smaller than the main zone New Eden and a substantial part is blocked by the Melding. It is possible to make more space accessible temporarily for certain events. I have not done any of these yet, only explored Diamondhead a bit. J3w3l at Healing the masses has played more there, worth a read to see what it is all about.

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Jumping into Firefall

July 22, 2013 2 comments

Firefall is a game I did not expect to like, but I have ended up playing it more than I planned or should spend on it this past week. And I do enjoy it. It is not without its flaws, but there seems to be a solid foundation.

Currently the game is in an “open beta” stage, which is sort of true – regardless of whether one consider it a real beta test or a soft launch. An iterative development/release cycle is used, which means that there is a functional game in place now, but there are improvements and addityional features and content that will be added in reasonably frequent releases. Essentially there is no fixed “launch date” – the game will be worked on and updated regularly until the company, Red 5, decides that it is good enough to remove the beta tag.

This post contains some information and notes from playing the game during the past week.


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The perfect annoyance

July 18, 2013 Comments off

Most of the time I try to stay positive in my posts, not go on on a rant and spit venom about various things I do not like. Most of the time.

Back when Cryptic Studios was bought by Perfect World Entertainment from Atari I was quite positive about it – it seemed that PWE was a company that had plenty of experience in the MMO space and probably a better a better place for Cryptic, than Atari.

That might still be true, from a business perspective. From a gaming perspective, from my gaming perpective, it has not gone the right way. Changes in Champions Online were clearly affected by some of the game design used in other PWE titles. Perhaps a bit more streamlined and more monetization oriented.

Not long after Cryptic “soft launched” Neverwinter Online I had a look at that game also. I was not particularly interested – high fantasy is not really my preferred theme for an MMO. But it had The Foundry and I was interested in trying it out because of that.

I have played primarily a Control Wizard in that game, up to level 30. I quite liked the combat for the wizard and some of the missions and the skirmishes were pretty fun – for an action & quick play alternative it did not feel too bad.

But with that game the whole Perfect World game mechanics and elements, which completetly turned me off the game, although I stomached it for a while. All the bling-bling with various vendors, currencies/tokens and many bits and pieces turnes the whole thing more into a mix of an amusement park and a casino, rather than a virtual game world – in particular if one spends tim in the main hub, Protector’s Enclave.

There are some nice pieces in that game, but there is simply too much of the Perfect World branding that it feels like choking on multi-coloured cotton candy. There are so many bits and pieces that annoys me with this game – a lot of it is PWE heritage to some extent, but perhaps also a few other bits and pieces.

This game is far away from what I liked about Cryptic back in the days of City of Heroes – that Cryptic is gone now I guess. Other companies may provide more of a virtual world and character expression freedom instead.

The third Khitan and AA points

July 18, 2013 Comments off

Tomorrow on July 19th Funcom is going to give an additional 40 AA (alternate advancement) points to all level 80 characters which belong to active subscribers. They did this also on May 30th, but instead of only level 80 characters receiving it all characters belonging to active subscribers received.

That was a nice bonus, but may have been a mistake from Funcom’s side. The message this time is pretty clear I think, so I do not expect charatcers below level 80 to get this.

Of my characters below level 80 I had one character, my Khitan necromancer Yasha, who was somewhat close to level 80. She was in the 60s. Since I had a pool of offline levels I did level her up in the past few days a bit, with regular play time as well as offline leveling. So she has now dinged level 80 as well, now my fourth character to reach max level in Age of  Conan – and my third Khitan character.

Necromancer has been pretty fun, but not a class that I find exceptional. So for level 80 game play shge will likely take back seat for a while. Still, it is nice to have reached level 80 to start time based AA training for a later time when I might progress through Khitai with her. The extra AA points tomorrow will be nice to have as well.


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Hill Walking

July 18, 2013 Comments off

Last week was a week with no gaming and for the most part disconnected from the normal world – I was on a one week holiday in Scotland to do some hill walking/hiking. This was my first time in Scotland ever and also the first time doing some serious highland walking, rather than somewhat flat lowlands.

It was a fantastic week! We started off in West Highlands of Scotland with some day trips near Ballachulish – first day was said to be the warmest day in Scotland so far this year. This was said for some of the other days the same week as well; instead of cloudy and rainy weather that seems to be somewhat common in Scotland we had great weather all week, sunny and hot. Actually, even a bit too hot for doing hill walking all day…

View of the mountain Sgurr Eilde Mor, from top of Sgor Eilde Beag.

View of the mountain Sgurr Eilde Mor, from top of Sgor Eilde Beag.

We had a great time and our local guide, Tom, was fantastic. Very good about tuning the experience for the group and with lots of knowledge about the local area, history, flora & fauna. Really nice!

Stob Dearg

Stob Dearg

We contimued later further east in Scotland, via Loch Ness to Cairngorms national park, where we did some more walks there. The slopes were a bit more gentle here and the setting a bit different from West Highlands, but great nonetheless. Temperature dropped a bit towards the end of the week, which made the walking a bit nicer.

All in all, a great week and I definiately do this again sometime! And perhaps get some use for my rain poncho that time…


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The bear from Khitai and Black Ring Citadel

July 6, 2013 1 comment

My Khitan bear shaman, Senken, has now returned to Khitai. I.e. he has now reached level 80 and the draw of the home land has brought him back to the Northern Grasslands.

Leveling up a bear shaman was quite fun – same as Herald of Xotli the bear shaman does not fit unto the usual stereotype for his archetype. Bear Shamans are priests – which in most other games are considered healers. In Age of Conan, all classes are DPS classes in a way – some just have the ability to do other things as well.


Bear shamans are melee fighters that hit stuff with big blunt weapons and they can heal as well – in fact one of the heals requires the shaman to strike with his weapon to work. He is slower (lower DPS) than the Herald of Xotli, but on the other hand he can survive some fights better and longer than the “glass cannon” herald.

This was my third character to max level. Most of the leveling has been normal leveling, with an odd offline level inserted here and there. I did add a couple of offline levels towards the end in the mid-70s though. It is a good thing this system I think; one can take away some rough spots and thus can prolong the fun with playing.

Raid in Black Ring Citadel

Recently I was also in my first raid in the game – Wing 1 of the Black Ring Citadel. Some fellow guild members were in a raid when I logged on and asked if I wanted to join, since they were a bit short on people. SO I jumped in with my Herald of Xotli. It was a fun experience, the people in the raid were a nice and friendly group and it worked out rather well. I guess it is one of the easy raids and thus suited nicely as an introduction.

A nice bit of fun and certainly something I can consider to do a bit more of.


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