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A Khitan final ding

June 9, 2013 1 comment

Today Senmei, my demonologist, reached max level 80 in Age of Conan. As a Khitan, she has now headed off to see her old home country again, after traveling around in Hyboria for around 40 levels.


From my experience with my first level 80, Zelmira, I nudged Senmei a bit at various stages a bit with the offline leveling system – maybe about 10 levels in total, during various times. This was to skip some content – some which were less fun, but also some content which I do not want to repeat with every character.

There was also some content which I had not done before, for example the Coast of Ardashir zone (low 50s zone mainly when it comes to questing). The demonologist is a bit more traditional mage character when compared to other MMOs and thus quite unlike the Herald of Xotli. Quite enjoyable though I think, even though I like Herald of Xotli better.

Next of the agenda though is to get back to Kheshatta and do the level 80 Destiny quest and defeat The Grim Grey God

The lovely city of Kheshatta..

The lovely city of Kheshatta..

This final ding is kind of a special occasion, because it is the second fantasy MMO that I reached max level with more than one character. The first one was Guild Wars – although in Guild Wars one reaches max level by the time one takes off the training wheels for the character. One has barely started playing when reaching level 20 there.

In Age of Conan’s case I still enjoy playing it, both with alts and also with the level 80 characters. Even though there is certainly a raiding end game in Age of Conan, that is not the only thing to do at level 80. But more on that later. For now, it is nice to have reached this milestone also.



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