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The Grim Grey God

June 1, 2013 1 comment

About 10 days ago I reached level 80 wuth my Herald of Xotli, but it was not until today I decided to complete my level 80 Destiny question mission. This started off with chatting with Kalanthes in Kheshatta, doing some errands. After that it was time for the real mission, to defeat the Grim Grey God (GGG).


Defeating gods are not the usual task on the menu, even for MMO heroes, so how to deal with it? It turns out there are a set of tablets located in a couple of sarcophagi that will help weaken and destroy GGG – so that is what we need to pick up. A god is not much without any worshippers though, so there are are some local cultists to defeat.

It starts pretty easy with a few regular mobs. After defeating the initial set of mobs one of the sarcophagus can be opened to get the tablet and that can then be placed at a certain location to weaken GGG. After placing the tablets there are reinforcements arriving, which becomes a bit tougher. However, each sarcophagus also gives a boost to the character, which helps with the enemies.

After some rounds of picking up tablets, Toth-Amon pops in and he is a bit annoyed with the whole situation. He summons a magic wave/field that pulsates though the area at regular intervals. If one is hit by this wave, on of the buffs receive from the sarcophagi is removed.


The summoned enemies keeps getting tougher and Toth-Amon’s heralds appear. These are group enemies and a bunch of them, which means one needs the different sarcophagi buffs in order to beat them up.  This part ended up a bit tricky for me, since I had managed to get debuffed by the magic wave – I had a bit of trouble picking up the buffs again before being jumped at by multiple heralds.

Eventually that worked out though and the heralds were pulled and beaten one by one, away from the magic wave, afer running around to get the buffs in place again.

Then it is time for an incarnation of GGG to appear, also he a group mob. That fight took a bit of time, but eventually it succeeded and GGG was no more.


Similar to the other destiny missions bthere were some specific mechanics in place, with both the buffs and the magic wave in this case.  I liked it, as I have liked the other Destiny quests. This one was bit longer than the other s. It did a pretty good job I think in projecting a sense of growing power and some challenges.

It was a nice mission. Now I am left with a mixed feeling of completion, as well as time for new exploration.  One does not defeat gods everyday, last time I did that was with a character in Guild Wars Nightfall.

I would have loved it if the Destiny quests had been a bit more extensive than just a couple of quest at min levels every now and then and a bit more like the Guild Wars campaign in terms of scope.  But the few missions that were part of it were reasonably good.

Next stop, Khitai.

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