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A generous surprise

May 31, 2013 Comments off

In a previous post I wrote about that Funcom decided to give all players with level 80 characters an additional 40 AA points (expertise points) this week and another 40 AA points 50 days later.

What I and I think many with me assumed, was that every level 80 character would get 40 AA points if they were on an active premium/member account. It turns out that this was not quite correct. Instead every character, regardless of level, were given 40 AA points, as long as there were at least one level 80 character on the account.

That was more generous than expected and a nice surprise!

I am glad also because there were some concerns with the other interpretation that Funcom was encouraging rushing through the content with this move. However, with the requirement being just a single kevek 80 character to get the points it becomes much more sane.

It is a bit limited what one can use the points on before level 80, so some people may want to save some of them until they reach level 80.

Good work, Funcom!

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