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Anniversary AA bonus

May 27, 2013 Comments off

When the 5th anniversary of Age of Conan started Funcom announced that they made some improvements to the premium membership program – members will get AA points (alternate advancement) everytime a character levels.

Compared to what was before, where characters would get maybe a couple of points at most before reaching level 80, if they were members during that time. Now they will have received 80+ points at max level.

A lot of people thought this was a great move and certainly an added incentive to go premium.

But – there always is a but – a number of people were also annoyed because they would not get these extra AA points, because they had leveled their character to max level already, in recent months.

So in response to this, Funcom decided to add a special additional reward. On May 29th, premium members with level 80 characters will receive an additional 40 AA points. Then 50 days later, every active member will receive 40 AA points extra for characters at level 80.

I do not think Funcom needed to do this; it was a nice improvement and certainly a good step towards bringing in more paying players. It is however a nice change – it gives current players some extra points for max level characters and also a chance for people to level their characters to max and get something extra for that as well.

Well done, Funcom!

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