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More monster bash

May 26, 2013

After a long day helping my nephew study for a physics exam, I jumped into Age of Conan again this evening for a bit of monster hunting.  The new monster for today was a Leviathus Spawn, which could spawn either in Dragon’s Spire area or in Khopshef province, near Black Castle. Being more familiar with Khopshef, I decided to do a bit of Monster Watch in the different instances of Khopshef. I was not the only one doing that.

Monster Watch in Khopshef

Monster Watch in Khopshef

After about one hour the watch paid off  and some spotted the Leviathus Spawn roaming around. The call went out, more people gathered and then the bash began.  Being the new kid on the block, a lot of people jumped in to meet this … thing.

Leviathus Spawn not agreeing with majority vote

Leviathus Spawn not agreeing with majority vote

Shortly after Mr (Ms?) Levi was defeated ther was a call on Global chat for an Ice Worm spawn in Eiglophian Mountains, so a number of us teleported over there directly (my guess is that the AoC store have sold quite a lot of those teleport scrolls lately) and headed off to beat up Mr Ice Worm.  Despite the surroundings, he was not very cool about our presence (yes, bad joke) and there was fighting time again…

Ice Ice, baby...

Ice Ice, baby…

When the worm was defeated, a quick teleport to Tarantia followed to turn in the missions for the two defeats. The first two monsters in the event dropped “green” reward boxes, with the Ice Worm dropping “blue” ones – i.e. a higher chance to get good stuff in the blue ones than the green onces. Leviathus mission gave a purple box, i.e. even higher chance of getting something good.

And a good reward I got. On Friday I had received a nice piece of armor from defeating the dragon, a Bindings of Ardent Fire. Now with the box from Leviathus, I got an even better armor piece, replacing my fresh Epic gear – Bindings of Infernal Zeal. Quite nice!

Turning in these mission there was another call on global chat, this time for Kraken sighting in Khemi – so another teleport to Khemi and a swim across the harbour area to where Kraken was hanging out.

Hey buddy, show yourself, we do not bite...much

Hey buddy, show yourself, we do not bite…much

After a somewhat long fight (not ideal for melee when he is mostly in the water), Kraken was defeated as well. A teleport to Tarantia to get a reward box again – just some Fermented Brain Juices this time. Was just about to call it a night when there was another call on global chat for a Dragon spawn in Tarantia Commons district, which is just around the corner – so up on the horse and a short ride to Commons district. In this area the dragon hangs out high up on a cliff, so one has to climb a few ladders to get there.

Up to catch a dragon...

Up to catch a dragon…

The dragon was roaming around minding his/her own thing, when a bunch of barbarians jumped into the serene area, taunting and generally making a bit of a disturbance. Someone made a rude gesture and before we knew it (no, not really -everyone knew what was going to happen…) it was all chaos, blood, fire and all those nasty things…

Hey, look this way!

Hey, look this way!

Again, the reward from fight was a couple of bottles of Fermented Brain Juices. It is a bit of an acquired taste, and if you are looking for a nice healthy colour of your skin, this might not be the best option to drink…



After this fight to it was really time to call it a night… I had great fun though and I think this was a quite good event. Kudos to Funcom for making this happen! With so many people in the same area I had to switch video resolutions back and forth, switching to “Raid & PvP” setting during the fights and then back to “High” when not doing monster bashing. Except for one of the Kraken fights it ran pretty smooth for me when I changed setting, so I am quite happy with that.

I will not be around to play the last day tomorrow, so I do hope this will be something Funcom will repeat during next anniversary, and/or some other special occasion.

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