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Happy anniversary, Age of Conan!

May 22, 2013 1 comment

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary for Age of Conan, on May 23rd.

It is a game that certainly has seen some ups and downs. The launch was far from perfect, there were various issues and some game systems may not have worked out as well as the developers may have hoped. But it was and still is a great fantasy setting and not your cookie cutter fantasy MMO.

For me this is currently my 4th visit into the game, each time have so far lasted 2-3 months. Similar to Guild Wars it took me a few visits for me to embrace it, but I quite enjoy it now.

The anniversary, starting tomorrow, promises a few interesting things:

In-game events with big monsters attacking, everyone can participate to fight them. Sound like this could be fun (and makes me think about some City of Heroes events, with the everyone-can-participate part)

Changes & improvements to membership/premium accounts (permanent, not just during the anniversary):

  • Alternate advancement points will now be earned every time a character level. This will help close the gap somewhat between fresh max levels and old veterans, in terms of abilities
  • An item which gives double XP for one hour, per day. This sounds quite similar to what membership/premium accounts get in The Secret World
  • Additional bonus points per month (200) to use in item shop

Various gifts and items are promised to be available. Members also get additional discounts in the in-game store. During the celebrations access is also opened for everyone to Khitai, i.e. the areas in the Rise of the Godslayer expansion.

Between May 19th and May 30th anyone who buys a 3, 6 or 12 months also gets 50% extra game time.

When Age of Conan originally went into its hybrid business model (would not quite all it “free to play”) it was a somewhat restrictive model. Since then it has opened up more and essentially the whole original game is available without requiring the player to pay. It was even perhaps to the point that there was not much reason to go premium/member unless you wanted to play end-game content. Some of the changes announced here will probably give more incentives to people to pay the membership/subscription fee, if they like the game.

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