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Final ding and entering Khitai

May 21, 2013

Tonight Zelmira, my Herald of Xotli, got her final ding and reached level 80 in Age of Conan. This was while starting to do a few of the first missions in Khitai. It is really nice to have reached this point and I am still continuing to gain appreciation for the game – I am curious on the faction gameplay in Khitai and what other things to try out at this point.

I still have the level 80 part of the Destiny missions to do also, so I will head back to Kheshatta later to do that.


I have mostly enjoyed the ride to 80, although some parts were better than others and for other characters I may use some of the offline levels that have been piling up to speed up things a little bit from time to time. Many of the missions towards the end were team-oriented missions and I still have a bunch of those to complete, which I hope to do later.

This is my 3rd fantasy MMO where I have reached max level, the other two being World of Warcraft (at level 60) and Guild Wars (at level 20). Most likely there will be more characters reaching max level in this game.

In two days the 5 year anniversary of Age of Conan will start also, so it feels nice to finally reach the max level at this time just before celebrations stat.

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