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Savage humor

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I quite enjoy reading the mission texts in Age of Conan. They are a mix of serious and brutal stories, with some whimsical and kind of awkward moments (for the mission NPC mostly). Many times you can also choose your responses, to reflect a bit of your character’s character. It probably does not matter at all for the missions themselves, but at least there are different flavours to the dialogue.

The tone is often a bit brutal, there is a lot of revenge, hunter & warrior honour etc. That makes it even more fun then to see bits of humour slipped in; e.g. an NPC asks to help for vengeful activities, only to say “oops, you actually did that…? We are friends now…”. There are other missions who in various ways make fun of themselves, to send out players on these “kill ten rats” missions.


Most sessions there are at least a few pieces of mission dialogue that can make you smile – or perhaps groan a bit…

In general it seems that the bits and pieces in missions that gets voice acting post-Tortage seems to be some of the more serious dialogue, the ones with an element that is key to the overall story for the region you are in at the moment. There are some characters though that do deliver a bit of humour through voice acting, such as Fenella in Eiglophian Mountains. Her dry way of describing all the ways that may get you killed in the area becomes a bit fun to hear.

While I certainly do not remember all NPC names that I meet and not all of them are as┬ámemorable┬ácharacters as one may find in The Secret World, there are still a number of them that sticks – either because of the general good story, or simply because of the humour.

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