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A room with a mountain view

March 24, 2013

Recently Zelmira, my Herald of Xotli, continued her travels into the Eiglophian Mountains. As with most of Cimmeria so far, it is a quite scenic area – tall mountains, forest areas, roaring wildlife – and of course some evildoers and general trouble.

Time for some R&R at the local lodge

Time for some R&R at the local lodge

In the Eiglophian Mountains the local Cimmerians seem to hunt elk and bear for meat and fur, with some snow leopards and bobcats thrown in as well. Business is reasonably ok and there there is a fairly constant demand to assist with the hunting. All is not well though, life is disrupted by local tribes of cannibals. The cannibals are rather uncivilized, not much better than at stone age level – normally they would not be a match for the Cimmerians to deal with.

However, the various tribes seems to have become significantly more organized and the sheer number of these cannibal tribesmen are causing significant problems and are causing much trouble among the Cimmerians. There are some indications that there may be some Evil Sorcery behind all of this. (Is there a time where Evil Sorcery is not behind major trouble in this world?)

I do very much enjoy the setting and the scenery here – perhaps is it this combined with real life longing for spring and heading out more into the local nature that has caused an increased time for me with this game. We do not have the mountains here in real life, but one does not need to go away far to enjoy forests, lakes etc away from the bustling city life.

Full moon, mountains, forest, cannibals - what more could one want from a night out?

Full moon, mountains, forest, cannibals – what more could one want from a night out?

In Eiglophian Mountains Zelmira kind of reached a milestone, as she passed level 50. My first character ever to reach that level in the game. This triggered a feature which has been in the game for a few years and which I was reminded of when reading the forums – all acounts that have or get a character to 50+ can create a new character, starting directly at level 50. This is a one-time offer only, so only one such character can be created.

While I decided to use this opportunity, it was not actually not something that I was looking forward using. I enjoy leveling characters, so that we can get to know each other and figure out how he/she can evolve in their abilities. Starting with a level 50 character right away is perhaps a bit like meeting a person you have not met for several years, trying to figure you each of you are how and how you can relate to each other. I decided to go with a Guardian, as I saw this as a more team-oriented role to play (tank) and possibly something that would be time consuming to level all the way.

I created a level 50 Guardian thus, but I will not be playing him now – content-wise he would be doing the same things as Zelmira pretty much, so her will wait for a time when I have fewer character around 50 probably, or if I want to put more focus into tanking – which may be after I get some more team play in this game under my belt.

A bit of dancing while waiting for a Lycan boss to spawn...

A bit of demo dancing while waiting for a Lycan boss to spawn…

Senmei, my Demonologist, have also received a bit more of time and love recently. After doing most of the missions in the Tarantia Noble District, she has also headed off to Cimmeria and the Field of the Dead. In her mid-40s level-wise, starting to play in this area was quite easy – it also helped a bit to have done the missions before. It is pretty fun, although I think I will play some lower level characters a bit more now also instead – there is not a huge selection of various zones at this level. It could get a bit repetitive.

As a premium player there is also the off-line leveling option and I have 30+ levels in the buffer to use. However, this is not something I want to make any big jumps with – I see this as an option to speed up leveling slightly from time to time, if I do content that I have done a couple of times before. So this will probably get used a bit more at some point, but not yet.

The situation in the picture above is one of the reasons I like to play the game more now; every now and then there is a situation where there are multiple players with the same objective, typically a boss encounter. Often that leads to some kind of team – sometimes that only lasts for the boss fight, sometimes it lasts longer. Bosses can take a bit of time to re-spawn sometimes, which increases the incentive to team up with each other – even if the boss fight would be possible to solo, it is more courteous to share the effort rather than compete for it. It is a bit “old school” compared to public events/quests in some other games, but still gives a similar effect – and also still manage to retain the feel of a virtual world rather than a game.


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