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Small screen adventures

February 27, 2013

Started up Age of Conan after being away from it for 7-8 months, patched up the game and clicked the Accept and Start dialog options – and ended up with this display below (actual size). I could see some of the splash stuff that shows up at start in the window, like the Nvidia logo. But logging in and playing is going to be a bit tough 🙂



(Yes, it worked better after a restart…)


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  1. March 3, 2013 at 19:24

    haha freakish. I remember downloading it once but never played it. What are some of the new features of the game if any after the latest patch? Is it worth a second look??

  2. March 3, 2013 at 23:09

    The latest patch is a content updates which is geared towards level 80 players (Secret of Dragon’s Spine) – which is out of my reach, still a fair amount left to that level.

    The game have had a number of changes over the years, which means that unless you read something that is somewhat recent, changes are that it is out of date and/or no longer applicable.

    Considering that there are plenty of somewhat formulaic fantasy MMOs out there, I think Age of Conan manages to stand out a bit (in a good way). It has possibly one of the more immersive (yeah, overused word, but still) settings for a themepark fantasy MMO.

    Since it recently was made available on Steam it seems that player numbers have increased. There are certainly more players around compared to the last time I played the game (early summer 2012).

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