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Robots and aliens

December 10, 2012 1 comment

The last week, after the shutdown of City of Heroes, did not end up quite as I had planned originally. I did spend a bit of time with City of Steam closed beta, which was planned. But instead of playing the other games I had on my list ended up installing and playing a completely different game – Perpetuum.

Among MMOs there is one game that stands out quite a bit in the eyes of many MMO gamers, and that is EVE Online. Progression, sandbox elements interface etc are quite different from many other MMOs. It was one of a kind – until about 2 years ago, when Perpetuum entered the scene.


With a lot of features being very similar to EVE, there was a fair amount of talk about “EVE clone”. The developer of Perpetuum most likely were quite inspired by EVE – which is not necessarily a bad thing, if it is done well.

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