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The End

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A few minutes after 9am CET, City of Heroes server Defiant shut down for the final time.

I logged on about 2.5 hours before the end and these were some emotional hours for a lot of people, in particular the last hour. Despite the sad nature of the event people were very much focusing talking about the good parts, the memories of the game and the great community and what made this experience awesome.

It also brought a smile to see Philtrum, perhaps Defiant’s most prominent speed TF runner, starting an Imperious Task Force about 20 minutes before the end – and finishing 16 minutes later. Phil and many other veterans are also great examples of the community spirit – even though many have experienced and ran many of the task and strike forces countless time, they have also taken time and effort to help new and inexperienced players to experience to enjoy playing in large teams and various task/strike forces.


Last night on the final night and number of people gathered to do one final event toghether, a Hamidon raid. While the server has been somewhat empty in the past few weeks, this last week and in particular this final day and evening there was a lot of people returning – it was a lot of joy of many oldtimers seeing each other again.
For a number of people this was the first Hamidon raid ever, or the first experience of the “new” Hamidon raid.

With a lot of people being around, it filled up to the max size of a league (48). It took a bit of time to organize and perform, but in the end it was successful and a great way to finish the last evening in the game. Big kudos to Dark-Spider for leading and organizing the raid!

Many, including myself, still hope for some kind of resurrection at some point in time. If not, it has still been some amazing years and I thank everyone for all the great memories and experiences we have had together! In the end, this is what make it so special.

Take care everyone and may we see each other again!


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