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End the progress or progress to the end

October 19, 2012 1 comment

When NCSoft announced that they were shutting down Paragon Studios and City of Heroes, one of my reactions then was that I must get into the game and use the time that was left to play the game. This is also essentially what I have been doing, to the point that all other MMOs that I had active to play (The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Champions Online, Age of Conan) were simply pushed aside.

There are other players that essentially have a similar mindset, while other players have stopped playing the game already now. They have looked for alternatives and moved on. It is interesting to see that there are distinctly different ways to approach the fact that an MMO is shutting down.

On one hand there are people that continue play as before, or perhaps play even more – taking advantage of every bit of time left. Perhaps play and do the things they have liked most, or try out things they never got around to (as much as that is possible given the circumstances). This is pretty much the group I place myself in.

On the other hand there are people who just move on at this stage. Perhaps that works as a better closure, with all good memories and move on right away, now that the end has been given a specific time? With no new content updates or any way to spend money to get perhaps a new powerset to try out, perhaps the more interesting options are not available.

It has been interesting to see in some discussions in forums and elsewhere what people may be moving on to and how they react to some other games. Many people have tried out Champions Online again, but there seem to be more people who does not like it than those who actually like it. Perhaps part of that is a mindset problem, people hoping that it may be a City of Heroes alternative – it is not really. It is a superhero MMO, but I think still a fairly different target audience and approach.

A fair amount of people seems to have move on to The Secret World, possibly the modern day setting is one of the things that TSW provides as a CoH substitute in that regard. Some people play Guild Wars 2 and I have also seen a few comments about TERA and SWTOR.

Then there is also a group who simply will not play another MMO. They are simply not interested in MMOs and consider themselves City of Heroes players rather than MMO players.

Some of the comments from people in this last group got me thinking about where I stand here myself. I am definitely an MMO player, but thinking about it I may possibly be more of a City of Heroes player than an MMO player. City of Heroes is the game I have played far longer than any other MMO and is the game I fall back to whenever I get tired of other MMOs. Same as I rather see myself as an MMO gamer than a computer gamer – I pretty much exclusively play MMOs on the PC, not other computer games. I am not sure what I will end up doing when City of Heroes is not there to fall back to.

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