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NCSoft and City of Heroes shutdown

September 30, 2012

About four weeks after NCSoft decided to pull the plug for City of Heroes development and cease all billing, they finally decide to tell this to the players. Of course, many players knew this already – either through gaming websites, through the City of Heroes website or though in-game friends. But this is the first time they actually communicate this in a way that is bound to reach all players – at least assuming that they sent out this to all players.

In this case they refer to VIP players, so I am not actually sure if something was sent to everyone. But I hope they did. The tone in the email is better than the limited communication NCSoft has made up to this point; although I do not think it makes up for the past four weeks. Hopefully someone has realized it might be a good idea to try to treat their customers somewhat nice at least.

So far they have not really encouraged people to play for during the final times and it is noticeable – there are fewer people around than in quite a long time. A game like this that has been around for more than eight years deserves better I think, if it is shut down.

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