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Kuddle with Kronos

September 30, 2012

Tonight there was a bit of a special event on Defiant – a league fight with multiple Kronos Titans.  Kronos class Titans are giant robots from the Malta group, which spawns when the mission leader enters a zone again after completing a certain mission.

What had been done here was that multiple players has completed the mission, but did not exit the mission the normal way, but instead move to Ouroboros and Pocket D, two zones that are excluded from the list of possible zones that the Kronos Titan will spawn in. Then everyone who did not have the mission move to Talos Island and with everyone in place the mission holders travelled to Talos Island from their “safe zones”.

The result was a large group of Kronos Titans spawned in one place (and two stray ones a bit away from the big group) and from then on the big fight started. The big group contained 9 Kronos Titans I believe – plus the two stray ones to a total of 11 of them. It was quite a different and fun event! Thanks to @Defcon Kid and @Gully RX for organizing the event, much appreciated!

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