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The fight for awesome continues

September 5, 2012 3 comments

A recent post with an in-game quote from one of the Paragon Studios people have raised a glimpse of hope among City of Heroes players:

[Admin] Alpha Wolf: Sorry guys but I don’t have any new update. I know Paragon management is having discussion with ncsoft and investors. Continue get people to sign online petitions, post on game forums, and just continue to make noises so ncsoft cannot ignore players.

While one should not try to read too much into it, it is encouraging that there is at least some kind of discussions going on. There are various efforts going on to try to save the game, including petitions, campaigns to write to NCSoft, Unity rally (September 8th), media attention and more, like the banner below.

I am impressed, but not really surprised by the amount of effort going on to try to save the game and the studio and in the end the community itself also. This is a passionate community.

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