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The end of awesome, with awesome

September 2, 2012 5 comments

I have not been in the mood for much MMO gaming this weekend, which is mainly due to the announcement that NCSoft is closing down Paragon Studios and City of Heroes. I did jump into City of Heroes for a bit on Sunday though, chatting and and a bit of raiding (Rikti Mothership) and some other things.

There was a lot of talk around the shut down announcement of course, a bit of sadness, bitterness but also a lot of “let’s make the most of it while we can”. There was a bit of talk about other MMOs to move on to as well, with quite diverging opinions. Some people may think that a lot of CoH players would move to Chanpions Online perhaps, or DCUO. Some may do that, but I do honestly not think that there will be that many moving to these games.

For me and a lot of other people the comic book superhero aspect is not the key element . I would say it is the combination of a great community and a great group of developers who communicate and interact with their players in a great manner, plus also a game with many great features that encourages people to have great fun with each other. I cannot say that I have experienced the same combination in any other MMO yet.

I have spent a fair amount of time reading in the forums – not something I usually do since I prefer to play the games, but this is certainly not a usual situation.  There has been a number of posts from some of the developers & community managers, including War Witch, Positron, Hit Streak, Freitag, Tunnel Rat, Dr Aeon, TheNet, Zwillinger and Fire Man.

There is also a thread with people posting real-life pictures and stories about themselves.

Many people want to boycott anything that NCSoft is involved with, which of course includes Guild Wars 2 in particular given its recent launch. While I can certainly understand the feeling to want to punish the company for this action I am not so sure that this would be suitable approach. In fact, Guild Wars 2 is one game that has the potential to reach that community+developer+feature combination that made City of Heroes special. Although I think it will be too popular for that to work out.

As an ending to this post (need to get up in 4 hours, time to get to sleep…) here is a blooper video that Black Pebble posted to the forums:

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