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The Secret World bits and pieces

August 15, 2012 5 comments

A few short bits and pieces related to The Secret World:

New 3-day trial available, although this time it does not seem to be restricted to a specific weekend – just any three days and one can sign up for it now. Also, if 30+ missions are completed during this trial period, another two days are added to the trial.

I think it is¬†definitely¬†a plus that it is not restricted to some particular dates, but I think it would have been nice with a bit longer trial time and perhaps not only have mission quantity as a “reward” for the trial – if there should be a reward at all. If you know your way around the game 30+ missions is not a problem, but the target audience are those new to the game. I think it would be better to simply give everyone 5 days instead.

The second content update has been announced, Issue #2 – Digging Deeper. This includes a 3rd weapon option and an 8th ability slot – I assume reserved for thise auxiliary weapon. The first weapon of this type will be a rocket launcher. Sounds like it could be pretty cool. There are also at least one mission associated with that.

Seems there is also an addition of plastic surgery and hair dresser, in New York and London. The plastic surgeon’ s voice seems seems to be from a fellow Swede (Peter Stormare).

There is also a number of new missions – five missions mentioned explicitly, hinting at more than that. Overall, I think it sounds pretty good.

In addition to this, The Secret World is available from Steam now also.

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