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Planes of Merinia – indie MMO project

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I recently got a pointer to an indie MMO project being worked on, Planes of Merinia. This is an MMO for Windows as well as the mobile market (Android and iOS). This MMO seems to be a one man project currently and is planned to be ready by February 2013 though Hitchhiker games.  The server side development is pretty much done it seems and the client side is being worked on.

From the description on the web pages it sounds like this aims to be a sandbox-style MMO and cater for various play styles (combat, non-combat, PvE, PvP etc). A few features that might be interesting include:

  • The game seems to be divided into multiple planes, with different planes having different properties and requirements. Some of the properties translate to similar features that other MMOs have for their zones (e.g. PvP vs PvE) but possibly more variations and combinations here.
  • A character can pick up any skills they want – i.e. not restricted by a specific class choice. Also, my impression is also that this is not just combat skills, but other types of skills as well.
  • Guild City – you (your guild) can build your own city. Trading & commerce as well as raiding are mentioned as activities related to the cities.
  • Flexible crafting. Seems that there will be a lot of flexibility to create all sorts of items and even do a ┬ábit of scripting to control various aspects of an item, if you want.
  • Marketplace with online and offline access.
  • Skill stealing. For a limited time one can steal a skill from an opponent, so they cannot use it. Not sure if one can use it against the opponent also, similar to some skills in Guild Wars.

In order to get there though the developer Philip Pierce is looking for a bit of help through a Kickstarter project. Most of the funding is intended to go to a 3D graphics artist to help with the visual aspects of the game.

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