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The Secret World is free to play – over the weekend

July 29, 2012

Funcom has announced a few activities and events to celebrate that the game launched a month ago during the next weekend, the first weekend in August. This includes the first post-launch content update, some free fireworks in the store and an option to get some in-game stuff if one solves at least 30 missions and a leader-board for the 100 that solves the most amount of missions. Not sure if that is a good idea, at least the 30 mission limit is a bit high if one want to encourage people and enjoy the world. There does not seem to be any rewards to get on the leader-board, so that one may be for the achievement-focused crowd with a lot of time on their hands.

A key event though is also that anyone, whether they have played the game or not before, can try out the game over the weekend.

In todays MMO market with many titles being “free-to-play” in some way, it makes sense that they provide other options to allow people to try out the game. Of course, at some point one would expect that Funcom will provide a proper free trial option that would allow people to try out the game when it works out for them.

I guess though at this point they might be trying these very temporary free trial alternatives, perhaps to see how this supports or affects word-of-mouth marketing and perhaps evaluate that against regular free trials. There could be a point here in that every time they do that in that case it becomes some kind of new item, resulting in that people write about it on new sites or blogs – like this one.

Good for them if it works and I can definitely say that the game is worth trying. A weekend may not be enough for a proper evaluation, but certainly a step in the right direction compared to the 24 hour buddy key.

If you do not have an account for The Secret World you can create one right away, no need to wait until next weekend.

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  1. August 23, 2012 at 19:12

    Tried playing the F2P and was cut short… notice some bugs on the quest things though.

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