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It’s a kind of magic

July 14, 2012

This week I have not really played any MMOs at all, not even TSW. This is primarily due to that I have endulged in another interest of mine, that of magic and mentalism.

This week the 25th FISM world championship in magic took place in Blackpool in UK, which I attended – as a visitor, not a competitor. This is only a hobby of mine.

It has been a fantastic and inspiring week overall, even though had both its ups and downs. Earlier today we got a couple of new world champions in various areas of magic performance, with two Grand Prix champions for stage and close-up magic:

Yu Ho-Jin from South Korea in Stage Magic and Yann Frisch from France. While there are no video clips for their actual performances in Blackpool, I did find some video clips from performances which were similar to what they showed at FISM.

My contratulations to both of them!

FISM is done for now and next will be in 3 years in Italy. Now it is back to the normal stuff at home.

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