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Starting out in The Secret World

July 1, 2012

The Early Access for The Secret World has started now, since  yesterday (Friday) and it has been working quite well so far, I think. The game runs smooth in general and no big glitches or issues that has caused any trouble – at least not for me. Overall it seems that people in general are pretty happy with the launch so far.

It did take a while to get the pre-order in-game items on Friday, presumably because there were a lot of people requesting those from the item store at the same time. When I tried it on Saturday with my second character it worked fine and the items were immediately available.

I have created two characters, a brother and a sister, family name Ravenwing. One joins the Dragon and the other joins the Templar. I have considered Dragon my primary faction choice; however since cabals (guilds) are not cross-faction the group I am playing with (The Older Gamers) decided that the main cabal should be Templar and then alt cabals for the other two factions.

There will possibly not be any real issues playing together, but in case it would be needed anyway I have an additional character so I cover both Dragon and Templar factions.

“Sente” Ravenwing

“Zenara” Ravenwing

There has been a some minor changes since the last time I played in the beta weekend – some lore pieces have different places it seems and some of the characters have a bit different faces also – this was also changing between beta weekends before.

It seemed to me also that those playing in the game currently in Early Access are the type of people that like the puzzles in the game, in general. I did not see much in the chat channels asking for answers and if asked it was more along to get some hints rather than direct answers.

I do intend to take a bit of time with playing and not move forward very fast – although possibly Kingsmouth will be a bit faster since I have played through parts of it already. Still, I have found missions and places I did not see when I played in the beta.

For Sente I am starting out with Chaos Magic and Fist Weapons, a combination from the beta weekends that I found fun to play. For Zenara I have picked the Blade weapon option, although now sure yet which the other weapon will be, initially.

Some people do seem to play more/faster than I do and I have seen a few talk/discuss content in the next area after Kingsmouth already on Friday. But quite a few also seem to take their time with the content and people seem in  a fairly good mood about it all.

  1. July 2, 2012 at 08:31

    Which server are you playing on? Not that it really matters since you can chat and team with anybody, but we might bump into each other by accident if we are on the same one. I’m playing as Jennifer “Thoay” Wilcox, Illuminati at heart, on Arcadia. I’m having a great time living the role. (And I am so glad she never says anything. It would have spoiled the character severely.)

    • July 2, 2012 at 10:09

      I am on Huldra. Yeah, I think it works out pretty ok with the character not talking. That spoiled some characters for me in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend for me, but this works so far.

  2. Selene
    July 6, 2012 at 13:02

    I took my time with the first sections, too
    I think since there is no real level to reach, most of the players are enjoyning it that way ^^ – of corse there are always those who play for days and are beyond reachable~
    It’s such a great game but the quests are most impressing

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