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Champions Online forums revamped into PWE forums

June 27, 2012

Earlier today it was announced that the Champions Online forums will go through the same integration process as the Star Trek Online forums and adapt to the PWE common forum structure used for all the other PWE games.

Since the functionality is different and also different account systems are being used there will be a bunch of things lost in the process, such as

  • Author names on old posts
  • Post counts
  • Custom avatar pictures
  • In some cases, display/forum names. Name rules are also more restrictive, so some names ae not possible to have in the new forums.

Naturally, this upsets people, in particular those that post a lot in the forums. Once the new forums are up it is only possible to login to those through a PWE account. Today the Cryptic account credentials are used and it is also possible to use either PWE or Cryptic login info when logging in to the game.

For such a merge/transfer there is obviously more benefit for the company than for the players.

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