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The Secret World beta weekend #3 started

June 15, 2012 2 comments

It is now time for the 3rd beta weekend for The Secret World. This time another zone is opened up, The Savage Coast, along with two dungeon instances (Hell Raised and The Polaris). All three starter areas РLondon, New York and Seoul Р and the three secret societies are also available to play.

They have not mentioned anything that they have unlocked any more skill tiers, so that might or might not be in place. Judging from the previous beta weekend, anything not mentioned is probably not there yet.

I will probably have a look at the other starter areas/hubs and see if anything has been updated/changed with the character creation and starter experience. Probably also try a few things that were not quite there yet. Possibly try to run one of the instances, depending on time.

I am still a bit torn between trying out and testing things vs waiting to experience it at launch first. But I will not be able to stay away completely from the beta, unless the servers go down in flames, or something similar.

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