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The beautiful wilderness of Hyboria

June 10, 2012 1 comment

In the past 3 weeks roughly I have spent a fair amount of MMO game time in Age of Conan, reacquainting myself with the game and the game world. Overall is has been a nice experience so far, althoug the game seems to be a bit end-game focused from my perspective.

One label which I would like to put on Age of Conan is kind of how I would like to sum up my view of the game world, and that is “Everyday Epic“. Spectacular landscapes and vistas and violent, dirty and tough action which the participants could sing praises about their bravery in the nearest bar. But it would more be boosts how they smashed the head of a vicious bandit or some ugly undead creature, than slaying a big dragon or something.

The characters are not necessarily heroic, they can curse, cheat and threaten each other. Characters, be it NPCs or player characters carve out their piece of glory in a rough world and make it perhaps feel more spectacular than it may be.

I kind of like that fantasy setting, more appealing than some high fantasy setting with elves strutting around. And yes, no elves is a definite plus.

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