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The Repopulation kickstarts

June 3, 2012

I have seen the name of the upcoming SciFi sand-park MMO The Repopulation a few times, but I have not paid much attention to it, to be honest. I saw the post on Massively that they had started a Kickstarter campaign for the game, so I decided to take a look what it was all about.

The game has a small team of developers and they seem mainly to have been doing work on the game in their spare time and funding the game themselves. Alpha testing should start fairly soon and the game is planned to be released next year, it seems.

From what I could see on the web site, it seems they probably had a fair amount of inspiration from Star Wars Galaxies – a number of features similar to what SWG seems to be included in the list. This is promising I think, although I think the skill system might end up quite grindy. At least you do not lose your progress if you change your mind in the way it did in SWG.

Other areas also sound interesting, with engagements sounding a bit similar to what Guild Wars 2 is doing with events in the world and that the NPCs will actually remember you and behave accordingly.

Boss fights are supposed to have an element of randomness to them in that they will pick a few powers/skills from a pool and thus may behave a bit different each time and the teams will need to adjust on the fly. This can work out, but can also become a bit annoying if the team set-up and skill sets are totally inappropriate for the boss skills. If there is room and option to change skills to use on-the-fly similar to what The Secret World is doing, I think this can work out.

Anyway, I am a bit intrigued by what the game may offer and I do want to see smaller projects like this succeed, in particular after seeing the result of what likely was quite huge budget efforts, like SWTOR and Copernicus. Thus adding my pledge to the Kickstarter project for The Repopulation was a no-brainer for me.

Looking at the pledges and the amount of money collected so far, it seems people are willing to put in a fair amount of money in support for the title.

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  1. June 5, 2012 at 02:11

    That game was no-where on my radar. I’ll have to check it out. FtP and kind of like SWG (at least based on their kickstarter page), sounds interesting.

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