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Leaving the Empire

May 31, 2012

A few days ago I decided to cancel my subscription for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game had many good points, but in the end I did not enjoy it as much as the other MMOs I have been playing. Thus it was time to cancel the subscription, for now.

SWTOR ended up being almost a repetition of my experience with Rift. I jumped into the game some time after it launched and it had a few bits and pieces that I loved and enjoyed quite much. However, there was also a few things that ended up being tedious and boring, plus there was not that much character progress to look forward to, in my view.

There was simply too much trash mob killing for my taste to get anywhere, eating up a lot of time from the more fun parts. Some fights were certainly fun and overall I liked the abilities of my Sith Sorcerer. However, I cannot say that I felt that the character became more powerful and stronger really. Besides that I could control more enemies at a time with whirlwind after a while, I can not say that noted much increase in power. Thus I did not feel that I had much to look forward to from a character development perspective.

The class story part was very good and also some of the other missions were also good and enjoyable. And then there was the rest. I ended up skipping more and more missions as I played.

The crafting part was simple and linear and easy to do. A convenient side track, but one you need to keep in sync with your leveling. Would have liked a more independent approach here.

SWTOR lasted about 6 weeks for me, which is actually pretty much the same amount of time as I played Rift, and also LOTRO a few years back. All of them had some great areas and were very polished experiences, but also some annoyances that dropped them close to the bottom of my which-MMO-should-I-play-tonight list.

I am quite sure I will return to SWTOR; but when that will happen I do not know. There were still many fun moments though. I would still recommend people to try it out, if they have not done that already.

  1. June 1, 2012 at 05:46

    Nothing is for everyone. I’m still digging SWTOR quite a bit. I have only played a few classes up, Sith sorcerer not among them. I does seem on the three I have played past 20 that most of your basic abilities are in place at some point and you don’t really grow much past that. What seems to continue to expand is non-core abilities and your ability to handle odd situations. “OH shit” abilities on long cooldowns, or simply really oddball specific stuff (eg., a 1 minute stun that only works on humanoids and can only be used from stealth) do keep coming in. But your basic attack routines are pretty well settled by 20 or so.

    Of course there are essentially 8 classes, and I’ve only seen 1 to 50 and 3 to 30. Maybe we have both chosen particularly linear classes by some odd coincidence . . .

    • June 1, 2012 at 19:30

      @Yeebo: That pretty much describes my experience with the Sith Sorcerer abilities, although I think I had most of the basic abilities I use in the teen levels at some point. There is certainly a number of abilities that may have occasional usage and also more suitable in a full team situation.

      I had set up different sets of bars for solo+companion play and team play, max 2 bars for each. It would have been nicer with an option to have multiple builds of talent trees to switch between, plus an easy way to switch between them.

      Not much room for experimentation and I simply don’t look for any ready-made build made by someone else – that destroys part of the fun.

      Except for the light saber usage I think I could create more proper force users in City of Heroes – the various gravity and electricity powersets with the ragdoll physics of the game produces more impact and control than I think the Jedi/Sith classes had here – at least as far as I played them.

      In CoH the progression is more noticeable also – your character is not that powerful and not quite a superhero/supervillain, but progressing into the higher levels the characters get quite noticeably better. The progression in SWTOR is much flatter in that respect I think – you become fairly awesome at early levels, but that does not change so much then after that.
      At least to level 32, which was the highest level I reached now.

      But I am quite sure I will be back at some point, but probably play a single month every now and then and not for a longer period of time.

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