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City of Heroes – Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie, is live

May 31, 2012

Today Paragon Studios released the new City of Heroes update – Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

This one seems to contain a little bit of everything – except new powersets. There is a new zone, Night Ward with various missions and new enemies. There are new trials and task forces as well (Magisterium trial, Penny Yin task force), a new Signature Story Arc and a bunch of new costume pieces and various quality-of-life improvements. There is also a new incarnate slot, Hybrid.

So far I have only looked at a few things:

  • Peeked around in Night Ward
  • Ran through the Penny Yin task force
  • Picked up a few new costume pieces, including the Mecha armor pieces.

In a few days when there has been a bit more time with the update I may write something more about it; this is it for now.

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