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City of Heroes – Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie, is live

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Today Paragon Studios released the new City of Heroes update – Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

This one seems to contain a little bit of everything – except new powersets. There is a new zone, Night Ward with various missions and new enemies. There are new trials and task forces as well (Magisterium trial, Penny Yin task force), a new Signature Story Arc and a bunch of new costume pieces and various quality-of-life improvements. There is also a new incarnate slot, Hybrid.

So far I have only looked at a few things:

  • Peeked around in Night Ward
  • Ran through the Penny Yin task force
  • Picked up a few new costume pieces, including the Mecha armor pieces.

In a few days when there has been a bit more time with the update I may write something more about it; this is it for now.

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Leaving the Empire

May 31, 2012 2 comments

A few days ago I decided to cancel my subscription for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game had many good points, but in the end I did not enjoy it as much as the other MMOs I have been playing. Thus it was time to cancel the subscription, for now.

SWTOR ended up being almost a repetition of my experience with Rift. I jumped into the game some time after it launched and it had a few bits and pieces that I loved and enjoyed quite much. However, there was also a few things that ended up being tedious and boring, plus there was not that much character progress to look forward to, in my view.

There was simply too much trash mob killing for my taste to get anywhere, eating up a lot of time from the more fun parts. Some fights were certainly fun and overall I liked the abilities of my Sith Sorcerer. However, I cannot say that I felt that the character became more powerful and stronger really. Besides that I could control more enemies at a time with whirlwind after a while, I can not say that noted much increase in power. Thus I did not feel that I had much to look forward to from a character development perspective.

The class story part was very good and also some of the other missions were also good and enjoyable. And then there was the rest. I ended up skipping more and more missions as I played.

The crafting part was simple and linear and easy to do. A convenient side track, but one you need to keep in sync with your leveling. Would have liked a more independent approach here.

SWTOR lasted about 6 weeks for me, which is actually pretty much the same amount of time as I played Rift, and also LOTRO a few years back. All of them had some great areas and were very polished experiences, but also some annoyances that dropped them close to the bottom of my which-MMO-should-I-play-tonight list.

I am quite sure I will return to SWTOR; but when that will happen I do not know. There were still many fun moments though. I would still recommend people to try it out, if they have not done that already.

NBI: Wrapping up the month – hip hip hooray for all the blogs

May 31, 2012 2 comments

So we have reach the end of the month and also the end of the Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI). I am quite amazed by the number of new blogs popping up as well as the number of sponsor blogs that contributed!

Excellent work done by Syp here!

The final post from the NBI is posted by Syp here and the content also included here below. Enjoy!

This is it! The final NBI link-love list that I’ll be putting out this month. I promised NBI participants and interested onlookers that I’d be compiling all of the new (and newish/undiscovered) blogs that have emerged this month, as well as all of the terrific advice that seasoned bloggers gave. Here we go!

New blogs to check out:

Sponsor advice posts:

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