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More Secret World impressions

May 20, 2012 2 comments

The second beta weekend for The Secret World is ongoing at the moment. With a bit more time with the game there are a few more impressions to add from my previous post, as well as looking a bit more at the skill system (ehh, abilities system) of the game.

First of all, a few people in the TSW forums were a bit disappointed with the content, or perhaps rather that there was not enough new content compared to the previous weekend. The added content were pretty much what they had described in the announcement of the 2nd beta weekend. However, many people (including myself) had hoped there were more content included beyond what was explicitly mentioned, e.g. more portions of the skill/ability wheel unlocked. This was not the case though.

Personally I mainly missed the lack of more advanced skills in the skill wheel – the skill and crafting systems are some thing one will learn and master over a long time, while story and environment content is not something I would want to spoil too much of at this stage.

That being said, I did pick up a couple of missions and completed them and started to look at some more. But I also ran around a bit just exploring the area. There are many places to just explore and see if there is something interesting – I did find a few things, although some things I will perhaps not have use for – yet.

Some of the new missions provided were from Ms Radcliffe and Harrison Blake, working for the Orochi Group. They are just hilarious to listen to when they talk about the situation (the occult outbreak) and their work related to Condition 17…zombies.

The northern part of the area contains some of the tougher enemies it seems, with some pretty fairly fun enemies. I enjoyed fighting quite a bit – with a bit of practice I got better at using a combination of the skills/abilities that I had picked, chaos magic and fist weapons. Possibly a combination of a bit better gear but I think also a bit better in using the skills and have a decent combination of skills helped. Some of the enemies I could not take down before, at least not with some consumables to help, were now possible to defeat without too much trouble.

A big bad boy

So with that lets go a bit more into these progression systems.
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