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Kingsmouth Calling

May 9, 2012 5 comments

This weekend is the first beta weekend for The Secret World, called Kingsmouth Calling. The beta weekend provides access to two areas of the game – London and Kingsmought and one can only play a Templar. Later beta weekends will show other areas of the game and allow other factions to be played.

The beta weekend client has been made available for download for those that are eligible for playing in it (pre-orders, players who gained access through Secret War game or obtained keys form various sites). The beta weekend is not covered by any NDA.

Worth noting is that playing in the beta weekend is different from the regular closed beta testing which is ongoing at the same time. Those who participate in the closed beta are still covered by NDA for those things they test.

I am quite eagerly looking forward to spend some time with the game this weekend, more so than for any other game in a long time.I do not plan to play a templar at launch, so it suits me quite fine to try out the faction in a beta weekend play.

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