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Storybricks on Kickstarter – providing my support

May 4, 2012 4 comments

I love the idea of providing tools for players to create their own stories in MMOs and virtual worlds. I loved creating a couple of story arcs in Mission Architect in City of Heroes and it was fun playing around with  The Foundry in Star Trek Online.

Despite a number of issues with how these toolsets have been used and handled, plus some issues with the tools themselves I do strongly believe there is a lot of potential, enjoyment and interesting challenges to be had with such tools.

Storybricks loks quite interesting to me, partly because the storytelling mechanics are a core part of the experience and not just an add-on to an existing game. It also seems to take the dynamics in story-telling a bit further than other toolsets. It may look simple, but the most interesting creations can come from a good foundation with simple building blocks. Just look at Minecraft, or Lego.

Brian Green has posted about taking Storybricks to Kickstarter and the Kickstarter page for the project can be found here.

I only heard about Kickstarter quite recently, but quite like the idea of community funding and I have been lending through Kiva since last year.

If one can consider buying a pre-order for an MMO or a perhaps life-time subscription before a game is released, this is really not far off from that. Storybricks got a pledge from me, that was an easy choice I think.

Good luck with the project!

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