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The Secret World preorder time

April 3, 2012

Funcom has announced that pre-order is available for The Secret World.  Since this game is on the top 2 of anticipated games for me, I pre-ordered pretty much directly when I saw it. There is a basic game package, with a number of additional options you can add to that.

I have become a bit more sceptic over the years over the value of getting a number of these extras right from the start, without any practical hands-on experience with the game. I really want this to be excellent, but I am not buying more than the minimal required until I know better what I may want and need and if I actaully end up liking the game.

So just the basic package for me. I picked Paypal as payment option, but the registration web page did not bring me to Paypal and neither did the button on the confirmation page work for me. But the confirmation email from Funcom provided a link to the account page and from there I could complete the Paypal payment.

The pre-order provides access to beta weekends, which seem to start on May 11th. Game client was not available yet for download.

Funcom has created a pre-order trailer, which looks pretty good. Not entirely new though, since it contains bits from older trailers. I guess they are primarily aiming for existing MMO players with this trailer, since some of the text would not make much sense for a non-MMO player.

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  1. April 9, 2012 at 04:44

    Secrete World is definitely on my radar as well. However, my PC is just old enough that I’m now hesitant to commit to a game until I can try it out and see how it runs on my rig. SWTOR runs fine, and AOC actually runs really well (my understanding is that it uses the same engine as Secret World), so I have high hopes. However, I still can’t commit to a pre-order until I get a chance to take the game for a spin. Seriously upgrading my PC is not really an option for me right now.

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