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Embarking on a journey long overdue

December 31, 2011

Ever since I started playing MMOs over 10 years ago, that has been almost the only game type I have played. Outside of MMOs I cannot really label myself a gamer, since I rarely play other computer games – although from time to time there has been a bit of playtime on Playstation consoles.

Except for a little bit of play time with The Dream Machine, I have not played any point & click adventure games for perhaps 15-20 years – at least not what I rememeber. A long time ago I bought The Longest Journey and Dreamfall through Steam when there was a sale, but I never got around to play those games except just start them up, pretty much.

But now I have finally decided to jump into it and have started with The Longest Journey. So far I think it is  a very nice game, good dialogue and the puzzles seems ok. It is a bit of a warm-up period for me, since it was ages since I played any of these and I have not really played any of these on a PC before. Back in the days when I played those I was using a few Amiga computers.

The Longest Journey is a game that seems to be about 12 years old from what I can tell and shows on the resolution for the graphics – 640×480 is not exactly hi-res. But I think it is doing quite well with what it got though and the interface works fine for me.

While I suppose the stories will not have much to do with each other it stills feels like this will be a good way spend some time before there will be time for The Secret World. So far I am a little bit into Chapter 2 and I am loving it.

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