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Freedom Phalanx death revealed (spoilers)

December 13, 2011

Today Paragon Studios announced in a post titled  A Death Revealed… who in the Freedom Phalanx will die in the running Signature Story Arc, Who Will Die (and now also posted on the web site itself). This will happen in part 5, out of 7 parts of the whole story – this part will be released in January. This has caused a lot of discussion in the forums – ranging from “you have destroyed the story by revealing it now” to “about time” and also some speculation on what is going to happen.

And the last bit is also what Paragon Studios themselves points to – it is not revealed the circumstances and the effects it will have and there are two parts following the death that will cover that.

I do not mind it being revealed ahead of time. In my opinion it kind of adds to the story and it would have been blurted out by others long before I got to play the particular missions myself anyway.  It is good that they do include the consequences of the death as part of the story, since there will of course be effects in the game itself and on NPCs that are friends, collegues, enemies and relatives.

I think it is an interesting move. If you have not figured out yet who it is, there was a Loyalty program announcement a while ago that was a big hint for a number of people. The characters’s name has been used as a pseudonym for a developer who is no longer working with the game. I guess I have to go play the task force at some point now before the death, as well as the strike force where I can beat him up. And they will have to redesign the web site a bit.

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