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Issue 21.5: Media Blitz is live

December 6, 2011

City of Heroes has on average had about 3 content updates per year, called issues. In the past year though they have also started to release smaller content updates in between the issues – this has primarily been for the Incarnate content, for those with max level characters and with VIP accounts.

Today the latest of these in-between-issues updates was released, called Media Blitz. This is essentially two more Incarnate Trials (Incarnate Trial is a kind of raid for those of you with fantasy MMO focus) and a couple of more Incarnate abilities for the existing Incarnate slots (Incarnate abilities are essentially über powers/attacks/buffs/debuffs/pets that you can swap and switch anytime, if you want and have built them).

More Incarnate-flavoured content is definitely needed, as one can only gain XP and drops to unlock and get stuff for most of these slots though these trials. Before this update there were in total 4 Incarnate Trials. Unfortunately all of these trials are big-teams type of content, typically either 8-16 persons or 12-24 persons required. The Media Blitz content is no exception here.

While I think the trials are quite fun and enjoyable, it is not enough of them to provide for people who want to progress their max level characters. Normal content sort of gets trivialized if you run content where the incarnate abilities are still enabled, at least in combination where people also have slotted up their powers with the inventiuon enhancements.

Task Forces with content that used to be tough when they were introduced originally are merely slight speedbumps today if you have a bunch of geared up and incarnate characters on the team.

I would not mind seeing something similar to Guild Wars Hard Mode for some regular content to complement the incarnate trials. Possibly a bit easier/quicker than only creating entirely new content and would allow for a bit more variation.

I do not want to sound too negative though, I am looking forward to try out the new trials!

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