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The casual raider?

November 29, 2011 2 comments

I do not consider myself a raider. Raiding endgame in games like World of Warcraft, EQ2 and a number of other games has never interested me. Yet, but one definition of raid, I have raided 7 times in the past week and 8 times in the weekend before that.

Most of the time when raids and raiding are being brought and discussed in terms of game features, especially new games – then the definition seems to be “content experienced by more than 1 team”.  This is also the definition by which I have raided 15 times in the past 10 days.

However, it is a bit silly definition IMHO. Games with small team sizes, like World of Warcraft, have  raids with 10 people it seems. This is only slightly smaller than the regular team sizes of for example Guild Wars and City of Heroes, who have a team size of 8. In the old days of Star Wars Galaxies, you could have up to 20 persons in a team.

More correctly raiding seems to be about a lot of things besides the size fo the whole group, in particular when you read people’s comments about good and bad things about raiding in various games. It is never really about the number of people per se, at least when it comes to complaints, but rather the consequences of trying to execute or do things according to certain patterns with a larger group.  It may also be about the way your efforts are rewarded and the time needed for it.

Similar to that MMO for many has a lot more context into its definition into it than just a lof of players playing the same game online, I think raids also carry a lot of implicit context for many what it actually is.

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