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City of Heroes weekend sales

November 26, 2011

City of Heroes, as well as some other games of American origin with game shops, seems to have a sale this weekend with reduced prices for a couple of things.

For City of Heroes there is some information here.  I picked up a few items from this sale now:

* A couple of Windfall temporary power (better drop rates for stuff, 25% increased cash gain rate ). Something to turn on when a Strike/Task force is run, for example.

* Basilisk’s Gaze enhancement set. This is a hold powerset, where a complete set contains 6 pieces of enhancements. Level range 10-30. Picked up 4 out of 6 pieces for my Peacebringer.

* A couple of Luck of the Gambler defense/global recharge rate enhancements, level range 25-50. This is perhaps one of the more desired pieces for players  – in addition to some defense it provides a +7.5% reduction of the recharge time for all powers. You do not even have to use the power to take advantage of this – just slot it.

An advantage with the bought enhancements is that they work for the whole level range, scaling automatically. You can get them early and the scale up with you. But their bonuses should also work if your level is lowered then – which is not the case for the crafted versions. At least that what I assume they will. So I will use some LotG enhancements to replce the ones I already have on my warshade. Then I will sell the old ones later, some time after the sale has finished. The store bought versions are account locked, so they cannot be sold to other persons. This is good I think.

At the normal prices for these things I do not think I would have bought any of these. But with prices at about 1/4 of the original price it ended up in a range that was ok for me.


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