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Raising the Kheldians

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Lately I have had a Kheldian focus when playing City of Heroes. As I have mentioned before, archetypes that have some strong areas, some weak areas, may provide some tactical variation ┬áin game play (e.g. active combat decisions) and provide some game mechanic supercharge/bonus mode – those work quite well for me.

Han Sente, my Warshade, is continuing his climb to becoming an incarnate. First the Alpha slot was unlocked through gaining a few incarnate drops and shards – mainly playing a few strike/task forces. With a tier 3 Spiritual Alpha component (spiritual is mainly about improved recharge rates) he is now level 50+1 and together with a number of invention origin (IO) enhancement sets the recharge time for a lot of powers are much shorter than they were originally. The difference is quite noticeable from the unenhanced gameplay.

The mandatory giant robot fight - Tin Mage task force

The almost-I-Win-button power Eclipse is now most of the time recharged by the time the previous use expires. However, since the efficiency much depends on the number of enemies at point blank range (the more the better) and must be triggered in human form, there is a timing and risk factor involved to make it work well. This is part of what makes it fun to play, IMHO.

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